Miscellaneous Video Meetings

Zoom usage stats for 2021

Zoom daily meeting participants

DateMeeting participants
201910 million
March 2020200 million
April 2020300 million
December 2020350 million

Note: Daily meeting participants can be counted more than once, so it is not an accurate reflection of DAUs

Source: Zoom, Recode

Zoom business customers

YearBusiness customers

Source: Zoom 

Zoom FAQ

How many times was Zoom downloaded in Q2 2020?

Zoom joined a small list of apps, which includes TikTok and Pokemon Go, that have been downloaded over 300 million times in a single quarter (Sensor Tower)

How many schools use Zoom?

Over 90,000 schools used Zoom at the height of the pandemic

How many times was the Zoom mobile app downloaded in 2020?

Zoom was downloaded 485 million times in 2020

How many webinars are hosted on Zoom?

In 2020, over 45 billion minutes of webinars were hosted on the platform

Source: https://www.businessofapps.com/

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