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MS Teams usage stats for 2021

Microsoft Teams key statistics

  • Microsoft added 95 million users in 2020. It was one of the fastest growing apps of the pandemic
  • It currently has 145 million daily active users, up from 75 million last year
  • From March to June 2020, Microsoft Teams noticed 894 percent growth, more than Zoom (Aternity)
  • Over 500,000 organisations use Microsoft Teams as their default messaging platform
  • We estimate that Microsoft Teams generated $6.8 billion in revenue in 2020, a 700 percent increase year-on-year

Microsoft Teams overview

Launch date14 March 2017
HQRedmond, Washington
PeopleSatya Nadella (CEO), Jeff Taper (CVP of Office)
Parent companyMicrosoft
IndustryBusiness communications

Microsoft Teams revenue

2017$0.01 billion
2018$0.2 billion
2019$0.8 billion
2020$6.8 billion

Note: Microsoft does not break out revenue of individual units in its Productivity and Business Processes Division. This division includes Microsoft 365, Dynamics and Teams. As Teams comes as part of the Microsoft 365 package, it is difficult to ascertain how much revenue is individually created by it. We have estimated based on Microsoft 365 revenues and how many of those subscribers used Teams each year. 

Microsoft Teams users

20172 million
20188 million
201920 million
Q2 202075 million
Q4 2020115 million
Q2 2021145 million

Source: Microsoft

Microsoft Teams organisations


Source: Microsoft

Microsoft Teams meetings

DateMeeting Minutes
March 12, 20200.56 billion
March 16, 20200.9 billion
March 31, 20202.7 billion

Source: Microsoft

Note: This covers how many minutes per day Microsoft Teams users spent in meetings.

Microsoft Teams age (%)

Age  Percentage of Users
18 – 244
25 – 3414
35 – 4431
45 – 5429

Source: StatSocial

Microsoft Teams gender (%)

GenderPercentage of Users

Source: StatSocial

Microsoft Teams FAQ

How many countries is Microsoft Teams available in?

Microsoft Teams is available in 181 countries, in 44 languages

How many schools use Microsoft Teams? 

Over 183,000 educational institutions are using Microsoft Teams

Who are some of the largest companies using Microsoft Teams?

Accenture, Continental AG, Ernst & Young, Pfizer and SAP are among the companies with more than 100,000 active users (CNBC)

Source: https://www.businessofapps.com/

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