Miscellaneous Video Meetings

How does GoMAD work? Step-By-Step guide for you

When you open GoMAD app, you don’t have to register. You can simply click „create meeting“ and start your journey.

First you have to invite meeting participants by using their email address. Choose which users will be able to give written feedback, and which will be able to vote only (those have the option „Silent“ selected).

Now think about a problem you need to solve. Write it down and write a short summary. Next you have to schedule time and date. Use autoend function if you want the meeting to stop after selected time automatically. Autovoting checkbox will start voting phase automatically after the meeting (not all meetings have to end with voting).

All set. Everyone will get a notification by push and by email. Now just wait till your first meeting starts.

You can see your other meetings and their status on your dashboard. Thanks to GoMAD you can attend more than one meeting at the same time.

Meeting is ready. All your active participants can write their opinion and feedback in given time. Other team members can do their work as usual and will get notified when the voting phase will begin.

Voting is simple. Users will only click „like“ or „dislike“ buttons next to each opinion. When the meeting is done an dusted, everyone finds their meeting minutes in their inbox.

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